10 Valuable Mantras I Learned from a Kid

One of my recent titles is step-parent, or “MamaSabs.”  Co-parenting an effervescent, ten year old girl has been challenging, yet very fulfilling.  As expected, I learned the basics:  how to reward, discipline, support, keep her on schedule…

I did not expect, however, to be taught and reminded of life’s valuable mantras.  Take note from our beaming youth; it could help you create a more wonderful life.

1.  Be in the present moment

Jim Elliot said, “Wherever you are, be all there.”  This is a tough one for adults, when we have so many things that require back and forth head space.  We need to open up to the present; our sanity and happiness depends on it!  It is easy to say we are living in the moment, but kids actually do it.  Soak up (AND enjoy) what is yours NOW.  The past and future can wait its turn.

2.  No fear

This is a blessing for kids, yet a curse for adults since it is our job to keep them safe.  They don’t have many experiences with consequences and judgement, so hesitance does not really get in their way.  It is charmingly refreshing to see what “no fear” looks like.  This reminds me be more courageous and confident in my adult life.

3.  Share how you feel

I admire this quality in anybody.  I believe we all started our lives with little, to no filter once we learned our language.  Unfortunately, as we grow up, our throat chakras may have become silenced and we aren’t using our voices.  Sharing our feelings is one of the most organic practices amongst our species.  We need to communicate with one another.

 4.  Love 

Loud and shameless love.  Give it, share it, think it, say it, be it.

 5.  If you feel it, let it happen

I may or may not just have quoted Britney Spears here, but this is a delightful mantra.  Whether it’s sharing a hug or busting out in dance, let your spirit shine through!  I am always in awe of the nerve kids have and I try to take on this example often.

6.  No resentment

I have always had a bad habit with holding onto resentment.  It helps me to have a bubbly reminder that resentment is just a toxic, wasteful emotion.  Kids have that magical, yet simple ability to just, let go and move on.  It keeps the mind clear and the heart open.

7.  No worries

This one is really just one of those luxuries every kid has, because childhood is such a gifted and care-free event!  Of course, adults cannot be worry-free all the time, especially when we have others to take care of.  But we can make the effort to see the bright side, be positive, optimistic, and allow the inner-kid emerge every once in awhile.

8.  Do your best

Kids aim to please.  Although we may not receive candy and toys anymore, simple recognition for doing our best is a great reward.  We should always be doing our best, in every situation.  It funds great character in a person and keeps each other inspired.

9.  Stay curious

As humorously cliche as it is, the question “Where do babies come from?” does exist, as well as an entire laundry list of blushing questions.  It is important to stay curious, because it keeps us grounded and connected.  Wonder, ask questions, get answers and surround yourself with the truth.

10.  Absorb the little pleasures

As adults, we can be painfully wrapped up in a waiting game.  Waiting for the weekend, waiting for our next vacation, waiting to reach our desired weight; basically sentencing our happiness to only these specific days and events.  This takes us out of the moment, and robbing us of daily fulfillment.  There are countless pleasures to be had, which is why every single day should matter.  (Re)-discover yours.

This article is dedicated to “J-dawg.”


SabrinaI believe in the power of food, the journey in Yoga and the generosity of our Planet. In addition to being a food nerd, I am a candidate for a Masters of Science in Holistic Health and Nutrition Education. My purpose is to foster awareness and knowledge about whole foods. The human body is an incredible machine and I want to help people celebrate their own, especially women. I enjoy writing about nutrition tips, skin care, Yoga, fitness, self-love, non-fiction/spiritual literature, and stress management. You can reach me at vetter_sav@yahoo.com. Health and abundance!


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