4 Surefire Tips to Amp Up Your Energy!

energyDo you ever feel tired, blah, or are just having “one of those days” and could really use an energy boost? Instead of reaching for caffeine or other energy drinks, there are some AWESOME natural remedies you can implement into your day that will add some spark to your life!

While energy drinks can be an immediate fix, these bad boys are loaded with sugar, caffeine and other chemicals that lead to energy crashes that hits you like a ton of bricks. Not cute! Also, these options raise cortisol levels. Cortisol = weight gain. This is especially not cute!

Perhaps you are feeling mentally sluggish due to some external factors like: a dream, an expired mattress, or a lazy boyfrined. Or  maybe it’s as simple as your Keurig coffee machine broke. Or perhaps it’s something deeper in you. Something health related. These can be issues such as

-poor circulation due to insufficient and mundane movements

– blocked creative flow which kills your spirit

-shallow breathing

– poor nutrition

– hormonal imbalances

No matter what the cause, here are five wonderful tools that can be easily implemented into your day whenever you need a boost [WARNING! Some of these may be corny and life changing!]. Oh, and they all cost zero dollars!

1. YOGA: Yoga stretches all of your muscles (some which you never even knew you had). Opens your joints, boosts circulation and energy flow, and overall leaves you feeling fabulous.

2. PLANKS:  Aside from the awesome physical toning benefits of these bad boys, planks activate your core, torch fat, and create positive energy flows in your body. Remember, a healthy core = a healthy body= a better life

3. JUMPING JACKS: These moves make your blues hit the road, Jack! They’re great for circulation, pumping blood from your heart to your brain. In addition they increase the health of your lymph nodes by making sure they get sufficient oxygen and lubrication. Lymph nodes keep you detoxified, so keeping them healthy is crucial to staying energized!

4. SASHAY! SHANTE!: Youtube RuPaul’s song, Supermodel, turn it up really loud, put on your favorite outfit and makeup, (ladies only for this one 😉 and parade through the house like a boss.

Doing these awesome tips will not only boost your mood and tone your bod, but they will also keep your energy high and your mind clear so that you can focus on kicking butt all day long.


 About Skylar Morelli

HE2As an avid holistic lifestyle lover, yogi, and world traveler, my passion is to empower others to live a more healthy, vibrant, and passionate life. I believe anybody can achieve any and ALL of their health goals with the right motivation and encouragement. Through proper nourishment of the mind, body, and spirit, I blog on a plethora of topics to inspire and inform those on a journey to live crazy healthy lifestyles – as New Agey as that sounds! Designing unique nutrition plans and detox programs is a hobby I enjoy doing for friends, family, and pretty much anyone. I am an accountant working towards a Masters in Nutrition, as well as a staff writer for Holistic Ebony and personal blogger. Feel free to read my blog, www.skylarm.com.  I can be reached at skysnutrition@gmail.com with any health questions you may have. Cheers to good health!






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