5 Easy Steps to Ground Yourself When You’re Floating in the Limbo of Life

eb pic3“I just don’t know what to do with myself…I don’t know what to do with myself,” (The White Stripes) sing it with me.  Have you ever found yourself in a state of thought paralysis?  Maybe your plans didn’t work out, you went through a break up, lost a job, moved unexpectedly, detoured down some appealing road that led you to unfamiliar territory.  However it happened being in a place of uncertainty can be uncomfortable and confusing.  Chances are you are taking risks in your life in some way (get it girl) and just hit a small obstacle you can’t quite see over yet.  If you feel like you are floating in the limbo of life, try these five easy steps to ground yourself and move forward.

1. Breathe.  It’s going to be okay.  It really will.   Take a moment to breathe and tell yourself things will work out.  Life will bring you what you need.

2. Gratitude.  Remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for.  This small change in perspective turns your brain into positive mode, which is imperative for moving gracefully through this time.

3. “Start with one step.  However small, the first step is hardest of all.” (Dave Matthews).   Action will bring you greater understanding.  When we are thinking rather than doing we can take ourselves down a rabbit hole of should I, why did I, what should I?  The reality is without action there is just an imaginary land of possibilities and downfalls.   Gather your options and live them out.

4. Support.  Feed your mind with positive thoughts and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.  Does it really make you feel better to beat yourself up or spend time with people who pull you down?  Chances are it’s causing more stress than anything else.

5. Keep going.  Getting stuck is bound to happen.  Gather your courage. Observe the difficulties life is throwing you and fight back with a smile.  You can do it!


About Emma Madden, Staff Writer and Holistic Health Coach

EmmaI am a Holistic Health Coach, food and adventure enthusiast!  I love chatting all things edible, exploring in the kitchen and dining on good eats.  I am passionate about healthy living and strive to be a supportive vehicle for those looking to attain their unique health goals.  If you are looking to make some healthy changes in your life and are confused or frustrated with the process email me at emmamadden.healthcoaching@gmail.com.  Together we can achieve so much more 🙂


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