6 Ways to Get Your Ass Back on Track with Your Workout Routine

black-women-exercisingDon’t you just hate it when you fall off track with your workout routine? Everything was going so well, but all of a sudden you’re eating one too many crescent rolls and making excuses to not work out? Yeah, I totally get it. Don’t worry, getting off track is part of the process of getting where you want to be! Sometimes it’s our bodies signaling us to change up our routine. Take a look at these 6 simple tips to get your ass back on track:

1. Forgive and forget. You’ve gotten off track and it sucks. Get over it and move on.

2. Write down 2-4 health goals for the week. Part of getting back on track with your workout routine is building your consistency back up. Write down 2-4 health goals you want to achieve each week. Don’t make them too crazy, it could be something like “walking 2 miles at the park” or “eating at least 4 salads this week”.

3. Get it out of the way. To prevent yourself from making excuses, get your butt up in the morning and work out! I know it’s rough wanting to sleep in a little longer before you get ready for work, but you’ll save yourself from making excuses later. Try doing this for a few days until you trust yourself to do it later in the day.

4. Make a “Get Your Ass Back on Track” playlist. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to create a new jammin’ music playlist. When I need to get off of my butt and get motivated, I jam out to some really bad rap music (the kind that incites a little ‘twerking). It’ll put a pep in your step for sure!

5. Try a quick detox. Sometimes your body needs a quick reboot to get back into a routine. Try a quick 1-day or 3-day juice detox to give it a jump-start. Check out this quick 3-day detox (an oldie but a goodie).

6. Switch it up. If you’re like me, then you get bored with a workout routine after a while. It’s hard to be motivated for a workout you’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Switch up your routine and try something different. Maybe you can try something adventurous and daring like hiking, kayaking,  or rock-climbing. Or you can try something fun and flirty like dancing. Whatever it is, your body will appreciate the change in pace!

What are some other ways you guys get back on track with a workout routine? Leave your comments below!

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