Crystals: Earthly Power Healers


Anyone who is remotely familiar with Superman knows that kryptonite is the one weakness of the otherwise indestructible hero. Kryptonite is a fictional crystal that removes his powers and can make him utterly reckless. In reality, we common mortals have access to various crystals that have positive influences. Crystals inspires the imagination, brings harmony, love, success and even improve our health. In this series, I will present how crystals are formed and a few examples of their past use.

Humans use crystal amulets to guard against evil spirits and were even buried in tombs. Crystals or gemstones were once worn in headgear, while many believed it enabled them to receive messages from God. Treatment of physical diseases with holistic methods involved practical application of precious stones. They have been and still are used for healing of physical, mental, and spiritual diseases.

Formation of some crystals start deep in the earth, in volcanoes or where mineral-rich liquids slowly solidify in fractures in the earth’s crust. The decrease temperature and pressure from super-hot molten rock, will produce different crystallized substances. Sometimes huge crystals, weighing up to several tons are formed as magma slowly cools below the surface of the earth

According to The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Crystals by Karen Ryan, “A crystal is a solid material comprise of two molecules of silicon dioxide and one molecule of oxygen.” Crystals are neatly groupings of pure substances. They form as their building block atoms move closer together. In general, the amount of the pure substances mentioned earlier and the rate of speed the atoms move will give the crystals its size. The slower moving of the atom the bigger the crystal.

Small crystals are found in metamorphic rocks. These rocks are the manifestation of a land mass movement.  When the earth shifts, buckles, folds and creates new faults, it creates pressure and temperature changes. Those changes create different crystal structures in the metamorphic rock. Crystals vary in shapes, size, and color.

As a stable matter, crystals’ electromagnetic frequencies it emits are extremely consistent. Not only do they vibrate in response to other frequencies in their area,  they also store, receive, release, reflect, refract and magnify energy.

For countless lifetimes, people throughout the world have used crystals. For example, crystal needles are used in Chinese acupuncture. Tibetan Buddhists, in Hinduism, and Indian Ayurvedic medicine work with crystals in healing.  Sumerians carried crystals into battle. Even during medieval times, Alexander The Great wore a large emerald during war to make certain a victorious outcome.

Crystals will not give us super powers however, the energy from these stones is the power that enable us to heal, love, and even attract wealth. It is advantageous to have natural crystals of any sort in your environment. In my next segment I will discuss how healing crystals works and how you can implement these beautiful pieces of nature into your holistic healing practice.


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The complete idiot’s guide to crystals / by Karen Ryan

Healing with crystals: a concise guide to using crystals for health, harmony and happiness / Simon Lilly


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