Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Releasing Past Trauma Exercise

domeviole2As part of Holistic Ebony’s series on raising awareness of domestic violence, I’d like to share with you a helpful exercise to help release past or current trauma. Now, I have never experienced domestic violence, but I have experienced very difficult trauma that I continue to work through on a daily basis. Each of us deals with trauma in various ways, and the most important aspect is releasing it so it no longer holds us captive. Throughout my experiences of letting go of trauma, I have found one practice to be quite effective. I do want to clarify that I’m not making any claims that this exercise will work wonders for you, so if you have experienced trauma of any kind, please contact a licensed professional for help.

The exercise I will be discussing deals with healing from a spiritual and emotional level more than healing physically. As an energy healing practitioner, I believe that any trauma whether physical, mental, or otherwise, leaves an imprint in our energy fields. This can lead to blockages, especially along the major chakra points and meridians. The exercise I’ll be discussing deals with removing these imprints using divine love and affirmations. It’s a pretty simple and meditative practice. May it help any of those who are in need of healing!

The Effects of Trauma on an Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Level

Before I discuss my exercise, let’s discuss some of the effects of experiencing traumatic events. Trauma can be very DKStocktricky to heal from because the effects of it can insidiously hide in multiple places within your whole being. It can be triggered just by looking at an image or listening to a song. It can create complications within your physical bod. It can lead to depression and to what some shamanic healers refer to as soul loss. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s not only important to handle these effects through conventional medicine and therapy but to also explore alternative methods such as meditation, energy healing, acupuncture, and other healing modalities. The purpose is to heal the entire being on all levels, not just the physical and mental levels.

Here are a few effects of trauma on a emotional, spiritual, and physical level:

1. Lost of passion for life

2. Depression, ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive

3. Dissociation with oneself- feeling ungrounded, multiple personalities, feelings of disconnectedness with reality

4. Physical fatigue

5. Loss of appetite or over-eating

6. Anxiety and panic attacks

7. Emotions triggered by certain places, objects, music, etc. 

Keep in mind that these effects could also indicate another type of psychological or physical  illness, so please check with a licensed professional if you are concerned about these. Now, let’s take a look at the exercise I use to help me release and heal from any past trauma.

Releasing Past Trauma Exercise

1.  Create a sacred space. When doing healing work on yourself, it’s important to create a sacred space around you. This helps to get rid of negative energy that does not serve your highest purpose. I usually like to create a sacred space by lighting sage incense and saying a prayer or setting an intention. You can say something like, “I now create this sacred space intended for healing work. Let all negativity dissipate into the white light. I am now divinely protected.”

2. Setting intentions to heal unconditionally. When doing healing work, it is also important to not be attached to any expectations that healing will work in the way you want it to. You want to be receptive to the healing energy and start with the affirmation that healing is possible and will work on whatever is necessary to be worked on.

3. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Make sure you will not be disturbed for the next 30 minutes. You want to take a about 5-10 minutes to relax all of the tension in your body and to meditate.

4. Start to visualize a divine, white light filtering down from above into your body. Ask for healing, divineflower-life-chakras-woman-meditating-seven-main-which-match-perfectly-onto-junctions-symbol-40406195 light to join you in this exercise. Starting at your crown chakra (top of your head), visualize this white light flowing through each one of your chakra points; your crown, your third eye in between your eyes, your throat, the center of your chest, your solar plexus (diaphragm), your lower abdomen, and finally out through the base of your spine. Allow this energy to go wherever it needs to go, releasing anything that no longer serves you. Let the healing light fill your entire being, letting it melt away any tension and fear and bringing in love, peace, and compassion. Allow yourself as much time as you need to complete this part of the exercise, and whenever you’re ready gently bring yourself back into awareness by coming into prayer pose.

5. Thank the divine light for working on you and recite a prayer of gratitude. Close down the sacred space by reciting another intention like “I now close this sacred space. Thank you for providing healing energy. May I still continue to be divinely protected.”

6. This next step is something you can try but is not necessary. Sometimes I write down two affirmations and burn them. One affirmation is ridding myself of what no longer serves me. The other is an affirmation inviting in infinite love, healing, and compassion for myself and others. I write down each affirmation one separate pieces of paper, and as I recite them, I light them on fire and toss them into a ceramic or glass bowl. Be careful when trying this out. Make sure to have water or something else handy to put out the fire if it gets out of hand.

7. Eat something grounding like nuts, bread, or a grain to help you integrate your healing session. Write down any feelings, emotions, or anything you felt throughout the exercise.

You may alter this exercise to your liking; make sure you are comfortable with it and it resonates with you. Above all, please be patient with yourself throughout your healing work, no matter if you’re doing this exercise or receiving any other type of therapy.

If you are currently experiencing domestic violence or if after reading this article you suspect that you may be in an unhealthy relationship, please call 1-800-799-SAFE at ANY TIME

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