Endometriosis and Your Sex Life

453118013What is meant by endometriosis?

Endometriosis is when the endometrial lining begins to grow outside of the uterus. This condition can be rather painful and can negatively affect your sex life. However, things can improve with the correct treatment and the right amount of time. Endometriosis also causes cells that would normally grow upon the uterus to grow and implant outside of the uterus. This can cause many issues, including lesions. This disorder can also be very painful and can take away from both the quality of her sex life, as well as her life in general.

What causes endometriosis?

There are a few common causes of endometriosis. One such cause being retrograde menstruation, which is where cells within menstrual blood flow back up into the Fallopian tubes and such areas, causing this issue. Another way this disorder can be caused is by scar tissue. The cells that should be within the uterus can sometimes attach to scar tissue (such as what is prominent after a c-section) and cause this disorder. Immune system disorder is another reason for endometriosis, as those with this issue may find it hard to fight off and kill the cells that are growing out of the uterus. There are many possible causes for this disorder, but there are also ways to treat it.

How does it affect the sexual life of women?

Endometriosis can easily affect the sexual lives of women. The most common reason it can affect their sex life is because this disorder often causes extreme pain for the women suffering with it. This pain can be noticed both during sex and even while sex is not taking place. However, the pain is more severe during sexual intercourse. Women with endometriosis also may suffer from other sexual issues, which can cause the woman to be less interested in sex altogether. Sex is often a required part of a person’s relationship, and when sexual intercourse becomes scarce, the relationship may suffer as well. Women often have many sexual problems when suffering from Endometriosis, though pain is the most common and most destroying.

What is the treatment for endometriosis?

There are many ways in which this disorder could be effectively treated. Pills and other oral medications may work for you. However, the treatment you choose will depend solely on how bad your disorder is, and other factors. For those who do not wish to have children, may decide to go with a hysterectomy as treatment. However, not everyone wishes to have a hysterectomy. Often, surgery is also used to treat this disorder, as well as certain injections and hormone treatments as well. For those who wish to choose a more natural treatment, exercise, and a healthy diet can go a long way. Relaxation and stretching techniques such as yoga also have been found to help many women who are suffering from this disorder. The treatment method also depends on which one you feel most comfortable using, which is a personal choice to be discussed.

Endometriosis is a very painful and often life-ruining disorder. Over 5 million women suffer from this disorder alone, and many also receive treatment that is useful to treat and cure their disorder. There are many excellent treatments that can significantly improve and even cure this disorder. However, finding the right one depends on the severity of the condition, along with the personal choices made by the woman and anyone else concerned. A few different treatments may have to be tried before finding the right one, though there is a treatment to suit everyone.





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