Eyes Over Your Shoulder: 5 Things to Know About Your Guardian Angel


He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, but he’s really not that judgmental anyway, so don’t worry about it. Your guardian angel (who’d you think we were talking about?) is all about the business of leading and protecting you – and there’s more to him than just a pretty set of wings.

1. “He” may be a “she,” or a “they.” Huh? Well, depending on which tradition you follow, you may find that your own personal guardian angel embodies masculine or feminine energy, and that you may have more than one. Some religious doctrines say that there’s a guardian angel at each of your shoulders, recording your deeds and reporting them to heaven. I’ve personally been told that I have several female guardian angels, and MsQuietQueen, a YouTube guru who studies angels and often vlogs about them, refers to her single guardian angel as “Kenny.”

2. Whoever they are, they’re here to stay. Once your guardian angel, always your guardian angel. Most angel specialists, including Doreen Virtue, believe that these angels are here to be with us from the moment we’re born until the day that we die. Through good times and bad, your angel is on you like white (or brown!) on rice.

3. They have names. Being able to say your guardian angel’s name can feel a bit more personal, than saying, “Yo, Guardian Angel!” Karen Noe of Beliefnet has a bit of advice for getting your guardian angel’s name. She suggests sitting comfortably and breathing deeply to a count of twenty, and asking for the angel’s name. Then, just be patient, and wait; whatever name comes to you, even if it sounds silly, is likely your angel’s response. If you want, you can ask for confirmation. You may see the name that popped into your head constantly appearing in print — on signs, catalogs, newspapers, you name it. If you try once or twice and get no response, don’t get discouraged. It may take a few times before you can properly receive your guardian angel’s response, but rest assured that they can hear you.

4. They’re often confused with spirit guides. Spirit guides are different from guardian angels in that they’ve lived earthly lives before; they can be someone you once knew, like a deceased relative, or even a famous person. Angels, on the other hand, have only ever lived in heaven, and have a higher vibration than that of spirit guides. And guess what? You’ve got both types at hand, waiting to help you.

5. They love you, unconditionally. To say I was surprised when I found out I had spirit guides would be an understatement. I thought only “special” or super-spiritual people had them, and doubted I could ever be worthy of having them myself. Some people feel this way upon learning that they have guardian angels. As Virtue writes on her site, everyone has and deserves a guardian; there’s not a single person for whom this isn’t true, and there’s nothing you could do to make them abandon you. Their help is available to you anytime you ask for it.

A guardian angel is a gift that keeps on giving, and we all get one. Have you ever had an experience when your guardian angel had your back? Did you know all of this stuff already? What else would you like to know about guardian angels? Tell us about it!


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