From Awww To Awesome: How Mishaps Help You Achieve Your Goals

reachinggoalsI was watching one of my favorite shows the other night – America’s Next Top Model. Yes, I know TV can be a mind-numbing activity but it can also inspire, teach, and inform. Which in this case– inspire. To illustrate my point, the person who won came from extreme poverty, had one deceased parent and due to his demographics, he was not expected to live past his teenage years. Some people would have given up and claimed that this was their destiny. No one can avoid life’s bumpy roads; however, these challenges teach us valuable life lessons and give us that push to achieve our goals.

Mishaps are never enjoyable, but it’s your decision to make it into something useful. One winter, I had a slip and fall. Thankfully I had no major injury. However, I was out of work for quite some time. I always wanted to be able to swim more often perhaps even join a team. I never seem to have the strength from working all day and lets’ face it; I can be the world’s best procrastinator. Now I had no excuse, and I had plenty of time. Guess what, swimming became part of my therapy. I started slow at first to build my stamina, but over time I was swimming laps. Not only did I recover quicker, I accomplished one of my goals as a result of life’s curve balls. My slip and fall was a benefit, and I was very grateful.

Are you the type who believes every unlucky occurrence, from being born in poverty to experiencing a major hurricane, is fated, random, and meaningless? Maybe you have seen a movie where the police states, “there are no coincidences.” My point is: you can use any experience to either stimulate despair or focus on achieving your goal.

Life’s curve ball may or may not give you the answers you seek. Have you ever asked, why did this crap happen to me? But looking to use this challenge to strengthen your resolve, can help trade a pessimistic outlook for wisdom. It can also  encourage you to achieve your goals. Yes, stuff happens and will continue to happen. So instead of asking why, ask how you can use this to move closer to your goals.

No, you don’t have to wait until some unpleasant incident occurs before you start moving in the right direction. But no matter what your circumstances (money problems, health challenges, etc.) you write your life script. You are the star and director of your unique show. No matter what, you decide whether you will achieve and succeed or falter.

About Christine Taylor

New York native Christine L. Taylor earned her degree from The City University of New York. Through writing, Christine found a way to merge her passions and escape the shackles of a traditional desk job.
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