Herbal Remedies: A Naturally Wonderful Two-Ingredient Healing Salve

IMG_8269PSSo I was recently bitten by what I think were fire ants (it might of been a spider bite) and didn’t have any over-the-counter remedies to help it heal. But it’s all good because I had my amazing Aloe Vera plant and some pure African shea butter. I mixed up these two ingredients and made a paste to put over my bites and they’re already starting to look better!

If you’re out of conventional remedies for simple bug bites, here’s a quick two-ingredient healing salve that can be really handy:


3 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera
3 Tablespoon of pure African Shea Butter or Raw Honey
*Optional: 2 tablespoons of Echinacea tea


1. Warm the Shea butter or honey in a small pot (you can add a touch of water to help smooth out the consistency). Do not bring to a boil. The mixture should be slightly melted.
2. Add in the Aloe Vera juice and mix.
3. Pour into a small glass container and let it cool.
4. Apply to the affected area 1-3 times a day.
*If you have dried or fresh echinacea herbs, add those to the mixture! First, steep about 1/4 cup in a cup of hot water. Add about 2 tablespoons to your salve. Save the rest in a small bottle or container and use it when making more salve. If needed, add a little more Shea butter to get a thicker consistency.

Bam! You have an instant healing salve ready for those unexpected bug bites! Leave a comment below or hit us up if you enjoyed this remedy!

Check out our DIY section on our website for more simple herbal remedies! —www.holisticebony.com

**Extra Tidbits**
Aloe Vera is an excellent medicinal plant with dozens of uses! It is used to treat bug bites, rashes, acne. It can help heal wounds when applied topically. It also can be taken internally as a diuretic and cleanser. It’s anti-microbial, cooling, anti-bacterial, pain-relieving, and so much more!

Shea Butter is also an excellent medicinal plant. Originating from the Shea tree in Africa, this butter is used to treat skin disorders, acne, rashes, burns, and more. You can also cook with it which makes it even more awesome.


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