DIY Remedies: How to Make a Simple Massage Oil to Treat Back and Muscle Pain

Greetings peeps! I thought I’d share a pretty simple massage oil for back and muscle pain. Now, this recipe is for acute swelling and inflammation of muscles that contribute to back and muscular pain. Acute back pain generally arises suddenly and without warning and is usually caused by accidents, injury, heavy lifting, sudden movements that causes misalignment in the spine and surrounding muscles. If you’re dealing with chronic back pain, you might need to visit a chiropractor or qualified physician.



Alrighty, so the massage oil calls for two essential oils (Lavender and Rosemary) and a carrier oil (Grapeseed, Marjoram, Or Jojoba). The Lavender and Rosemary essential oils are basically the worker oils that help relieve muscle tension and inflammation. Due to the strength of the essential oils, a carrier oil is needed to dilute the mixture so it can be applied to the skin.



Back Pain and Muscle Relief Massage Oil

3 Tablespoons of carrier oil (Grapeseed, Marjoram, or Jojoba)

12 drops of Lavender essential oil

10 drop of Rosemary essential oil

To Make 

Take a small bottle (I took an empty iron pill bottle) and mix in all of the oils. Label the bottle as necessary and shake well to blend. Now, you want to leave this blend for four days so that the oils and intermingle and synergize.

Before You Use Massage Oil Blend

Before you use the blend, you might consider making a cold compress with lavender or chamomile to reduce inflammation. This is pretty easy to do. Make a strong tea from 2-3 teabags of chamomile and/or lavender. Let the tea cool and apply to inflamed area with a cloth or fabric.

Different Uses of the Blend

There’s a few ways you could use this blend. You could mix one teaspoons of the blend with warm water in a small bowl and use it for a massage after the cold compress.

You could pour two teaspoons in a warm (not hot) bath, mix it to disperse, and soak in the bath for about 10-15 minutes. Gently massage any of the floating droplets of oil into the painful areas.

Or, you could simply pour a small amount of the oil blend onto the palm of your hand and massage over the painful areas after showering.

There you go! Just a few simple ways to make and use a massage oil blend to treat acute back and muscle pain.  You could also use black pepper essential oil or juniper essential oil as substitutes or additions. If you recommend any other oils, feel free to leave a comment below!

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