Meet Our New Staff Writer: Emma Madden

EmmaHello to all the Holistic Ebony lovers, seekers, dreamers, and health conscious out there! My name is Emma and I am excited to be apart of this growing wellness movement.  Growing up I was an active child playing several sports at a time, enjoying social gatherings, family and friends.   With a bustling family of six, dinner was always a favorite and important time of the day.  It was the moment when we would all be together sharing a meal.  My mother and father did a wonderful job introducing new foods to us as a children and I was an adventurous eater since day one.

I love to try new things and would often find myself asking to eat at friend’s houses to explore new meals.   Overtime I became interested in the nutritional aspects of food.   Reading about different diets or health fads I liked to hear the benefits that food could have on your body.   Eating has always been one of my favorite past times.  My interest in nutrition and food later brought me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I spent a year studying different food theories and mindful practices to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  It was an eye opening and nurturing experience that fostered a growing personal transformation.

I was exposed to a plethora of new foods and health conscious individuals that broadened my outlook and knowledge of health and wellness.  I became intrinsically aware that food is just a piece of the puzzle in thriving health and happiness.  There is so much more that is happening in our mind and body in connection to what we eat and how we feel.   How we spend our time, the thoughts in our minds, our relationships, spirituality, and physical movement affect us on a cellular level.   This new frame of thinking has catapulted me into continual seeking and reflecting of what health and happiness looks, tastes, smells, sounds and feels like.

Holistic Ebony is a beautiful space to connect with others who are striving to share and gain knowledge around healthy and natural lifestyles.  I am excited to share my piece of the puzzle to this inspiring community of movers and shakers.  Together we create a whole lot more!

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