Meet Our New Staff Writer: SteVon Edwards, MPH

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind…Romans 12:2b”Stevon bio pic

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a bow-tie-making, baroque-playing, (now) blog-writing, health professional, and daughter, who is hilariously funny and thinks everyone else is, too. I am a community health enabler that currently works in community health administration on programming and policy development with my neighbors.

My focus here at Holistic Ebony is to empower our readers with accurate information and provide tools and tips for overcoming barriers to achieving their health goals or to adopting a healthy lifestyle! From time to time, you will see that I will emphasize the importance of faith/beliefs (whatever yours may be) into my posts, as I believe that we should recognize that the way choose to live our lives, our culture, upbringing, and how we view the world heavily influences our health behavior.

What interested you most about health & wellness?

I have had a passion for seeing others healed since I was 7 years old and that passion has never waned. I started my undergrad in psychology, and mental health is a theme you will see in most of my posts, because I was fascinated with how mental wellness effects our physical wellness and vice-versa. While on the track to medical school, I realized that I could have a greater impact serving populations and changing social norms, so I attended the University of Louisville School of Public Health, graduating in 2008 with a Masters in Public Health, with a concentration in Community Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences.

What are a couple of your goals within the field?

My main goal is to open health and wellness centers (not clinics) in under-served areas. These centers will provide access to alternative and preventative health care services, such as massage, aromatherapy, herbal therapy, counseling, fitness, nutrition consultation, etc… that you don’t usually find located in lower-income areas. I’m excited to be able to provide these services right down the street from my neighbors, in the future!

How can our readers contact you? 

Twitter: SceMPH


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About SteVon Edwards "Community Health Enabler" I believe that interest, trust, and empathy are essential to community organizing and I rely on those elements to build relationship in my work around community-level prevention policy and programming initiatives. My focus here is to provide you with information that will help you overcome barriers you have in achieving a GREAT quality of life. I want you to be able to move, dance, sing, play, crochet, enjoy whatever healthy hobby you have among family and friends with sound mind, body and spirit! View all posts by SteVon Edwards →