On-The-Go Emergency Herbal Remedy For Cold/Flu

lemon-thyme-cinnamon-honey-teaWe’re in the crux of cold and flu season so now is the time to take extra care of ourselves and really build up our immune systems! But if you’re out and about, here’s a quick emergency remedy to help your body fight off the first signs of a cold/flu:

Emergency Herbal Remedy: Lemon-Cinnamon-Honey Water

1 cup of hot water (you can get tea but make sure it’s decaffeinated)
A saucer of lemons

Mix all of the above in a cup of hot water to your desired taste. Try to drink at least 2 cups.

Lemon- Excellent source of vitamin C; powerful diuretic and cleansing agent
Honey- Powerful antioxidant; antibacterial; can soothe a dry throat; helps eliminate unproductive coughs
Cinnamon- – Powerful antioxidant; antibacterial; anti-fungal; anti-inflammatory

If you’re at a restaurant, they will have these simple ingredients (most of the time). If not, take a trip to your local coffee shop and get some nice hot tea with these ingredients. I would recommend peppermint, lemongrass, or green tea.

Please share this with your friends and families, peeps. It’s a great tool to have when you’re on the road 🙂

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