Product Review: Injoy Soapworks

FullSizeRender (4)Product: Tea Blend Soap

Manufacturer: Injoy Soapworks

Price Range: $1.75- $3.00 per bar

What is It: Handmade soap made with all natural ingredients from the coast of Africa, India, Brazil, and Egypt 


Ebby Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I had the lovely opportunity to try out a couple of soap bars of Injoy Soapworks and I must say (right off the bat) that I am very pleased with this product. First off, I thought they were going to send me one or two bars of soap to test out but they sent me four bars! Injoy Soapworks is a natural body and skincare company based in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in handcrafted products without the use of harsh chemicals. I’m all about some handcrafted, natural skincare products so I was excited to try their stuff out. They sent four varieties: Chamomile, Green Tea, Red Tea, and Green Tea & Pears.

PicMonkey CollageThe Packaging

Their packaging is nice, earthy, and simple. They also sent over some information about their store, wholesale opportunities, and other products. They also have a ‘Buy One Give Back’ project where they give one bar of soap to the less fortunate for each bar that they sell. Who doesn’t love a company that is community-oriented?

The Smell

The first soap I tried was their chamomile soap bar. It was a very nicely fragrant soap and not overwhelming like other brands. The fragrance might be too light for some who like more perfumed soap bars, but just right for someone looking for a more subdued fragrance.

FullSizeRender (3)The Ingredients

I noticed that  all of their soaps have some pretty awesome moisturizers like aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, and mango butter.  Also all of the soaps have only about twelve ingredients (over half are moisturizers) that you can actually understand. That’s pretty important for someone who’s looking for simple and natural products without a lot of the hard-to-comprehend chemicals. I applaud them for their simplicity!

The Consistency

Now for the best part. The consistency of these soaps are wonderful! They’re not overly soapy but just enough to make you feel good and moisturized. Also, it doesn’t take much soap to wash yourself with because it has a very creamy, smooth consistency and spreads pretty well. The only drawback (or maybe a strength?) is the soap doesn’t last very long when under water. They disintegrate pretty quickly. Most name-brand soaps last pretty long even when you put them under hot water, but I pretty much attribute that to some of the chemicals that they put it to make it last longer. So in a way Injoys Soapwork’s  shorter shelf-life is a strength because you know there’s not many chemicals in it. Plus, you only need a little bit of water to lather it up and use so use it wisely!

The Conclusion

In conclusion, I give Injoy Soapwork’s Tea Blend Soaps 4 out of 5 stars. They’re a great company with awesome values, philosophy, products, and a penchant for giving back to the community. To find out more about their business and products, check out their website at

If yall have tried this product, we’d love to hear your thoughts? What did you think?

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