This is another new edition to our website! It’s our mission to bring you helpful resources to guide you on your healing and health journey, so we’ve put together a few links and articles you might find beneficial. Check them out below!

Local Herb Apothecaries and Metaphysical Stores (Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin Areas Only)

The Labyrinth (Dallas, Texas)- I LOVE this shop. It’s my go-to one-stop shop for all of my (high-quality) herbs, incense, and magical needs. It’s very local and nestled in the beautiful Greenville community in Dallas, Texas. If you’re ever visiting the area, make sure to give them a holler. It’s run by two lovely healers who also offer a variety of classes as well! Take a look at their website here.

Deep Woods Apothecary (Arlington, Texas)- Deep Woods is another favorite of mine and also has a good assortment of herbs and magical tools. The store owner is a very nice lady who runs all kinds of different spiritual meetups and drum circles out of her shop. Check out her website and information here.

Enchanted Forest (Ft. Worth/Arlington Area)- Enchanted Forest is a go-to store for all of your gems, crystals, and stones needs. They also carry a great assortment of incense and new age knick-knacks. They are a bit on the pricier side but their quality merchandise makes up for it. Check out their website here.

Ancient Mysteries (Austin)- This store is a must-see! It’s quite a little gem on the outskirts of Downtown Austin. It’s a lovely shop for all of your metaphysical supplies and it has just about everything under the rainbow. The energy there is nice and inviting and the store owner is equally so. She also runs Tarot classes out of her shop as well as different meetup. Check out their website here.

Books We Love

Energy Healing by Christina Mark– Filled with helpful exercises, information, and guides about healing the chakra system, this book is an energy healing practitioner’s must-have.

The Essential Natural Health Bible by Nercys Purchon– This book right here…I don’t even know where to begin! It’s filled with countless home made and herbal remedies for just about everything under the sun. I’ve tried out quite a few of them, including some very delightful herbed sugars. The first half of the book contains helpful information about the most commonly used herbs.

Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger For Health & Happiness by Joshua Rosenthal- Of course as a health coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I had to endorse this book. It’s really a great resource filled with important tips and information regarding health. I love it because it incorporates exercises to work on various aspects of your life.

From The Editors of Essence: The Black Woman’s Guide to Better Health- This is another one of my favorites because it caters to the health needs of the black woman. Just like Rosenthal’s book, it too incorporates exercises, tips, and information on various aspects of a woman’s life.

Herbal Remedies

As we continue to grow, our list of herbal remedies will follow suit. Until then check out some of our favorite (and highly effective) remedies that you can do from the comfort of your home!

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Product Reviews

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