The Wonderful Medicinal Uses of Fennel

fennelHas anyone ever worked with fennel (seeds or leaves) for its healing properties? One thing I love about being an herbalist is you get to work with all kinds plants and herbs and really get to understand their healing attributes. Fennel is something I’ve been working with a lot lately so I thought I’d share a few of its medicinal uses.

Fennel is an aromatic plant indigenous to parts of the Mediterranean. I’ve worked with it mainly for its healing properties for the digestive system (Constipation, Diarrhea, Flatulence, & Indigestion) but this delicate and delightfully fragrant herb also has multiple uses for:


-Heart Disease
-Blood Pressure
-Brain Function
-The Immune System
-Menstrual Disorders
-Eye Care
-Respiratory Disorders
-Breast Milk Production

For a simple digestive tea make the following:

2 teaspoons of fennel seeds or 1/4 cup of fresh fennel leaves and stalk (chopped)
1 tablespoon of fresh or dried gingerroot
2 cups of boiling water
lemon slice or honey to sweeten

Steep fennel and gingerroot for 10-15 minutes in 2 cups of boiling water. Strain and add lemon slice or honey. Drink after large meals 1-2 times a day.

If you would like to learn more about using this herb or having a tea/tincture blend created just for you, please contact Courtney Cherae at or schedule a free herbal consultation here.

About Courtney Cherae: Founder, Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, and Herbalist

CourtneyCheraeHey Yall! I’m here to support your healing needs whether it’s through health coaching, energy healing, or herb-crafting. I’ve studied at the very awesome Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I studied over 100 dietary theories, lifestyle management concepts, and holistic health practices. I’ve also obtained my Master Usui Reiki certification from Karen Hutchins of Cicada Recovery Services in Austin, Texas. I spend a lot of my time outdoors with the plant world and working on herb crafting (teas, tinctures, herbal remedies, etc.). Please let me know how I can assist you on your healing journey!  You can email me directly at or schedule your free consultation here.



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