Understanding the Profound Benefits of Yoga

By: Clara John, Guest Blogger

yoga1Yoga is a system of stretching and bending the body to get benefits through multiple postures which are known as asana in Sanskrit. It’s an ancient practice which has been practiced for more than five thousand years. It’s related with Indian yogis. Yoga is far beneficial than any simple exercise moves as it not only engages body but mind through graceful poses. It’s not merely an exercise routine. Yoga has been considered a source of numerous health benefits, both for the soul and body.The benefits of yoga vary according to the certain type of poses performed. It is one of a kind routine that is purely physical but engages spiritual affairs as well. It’s a diverse practice that has its particular benefits on individuals no matter of age, gender or shape.

Benefits for Circulatory System:

Yoga enhances the blood circulation in the body that is related with adequate oxygen supply. This keeps the blood pressure normal. This maintained blood circulation transports required nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and results in healthier brain, skin and organs.

Benefits for Respiratory System:

The controlled Yoga Breathing Techniques, breathing practice of yoga, ensures better health and fitness. This specific breathing style ensures lower respiratory rate that indicates the perfect working of lungs.  Certain yoga poses keep a check on respiratory issues.

Benefits for Cardiovascular System:

The healthy working of heart can be indicated by a slower pulse rate. The graceful and gentle yoga moves slow down pulse rate. It is a sign of healthy heart that is capable of pumping blood throughout the body with fewer beats. This makes yoga a perfect effective option for those who are prone to heart ailments, hypertension or stroke.

Benefits for Mind:

Yoga practitioners feel the effects of yoga workouts not on their body but mind relaxation and contentment are the additional benefits that yoga offers. It enhances a person’s concentration, coordination and strength simultaneously. Yoga particularly decreases depression and stress.

Benefits for Releasing Toxins:

Yoga works as an effective cleansing method for the body. It assists in releasing harmful toxins from the body through certain moves and breathing routine. Some of the yoga poses can result to plentiful sweating which makes the practitioner releasing more toxins.

Benefits for General Health:

Yoga improves your energy level and if performs in the morning then it assists in keeping stable and agile throughout the day. It helps in taking adequate sleep and if performs in the evening or before going to bed, it reduces insomnia. It works on increasing general strength, improving postures and keeping the practitioner fit without laborious activities.

No special skills are needed to perform yoga poses. Only you have to make the correct posture to get its related benefits. Even opposite to the myth that yoga practice needs added flexibility, if you’re not enough flexible to perform yoga poses then you must give it a try. It gradually enhances physical flexibility with easy-to-learn and fun-to-do postures. Plus no additional expensive equipment are needed for yoga practitioners except in higher levels to increase the intensity of the workout to challenge yourself.

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Clara is a blogger, writer and an enthusiast to spend her efforts and time in learning, applying and writing fitness articles, health care and green living. She has been passionate about learning and sharing the ways to improve fitness and maintain optimal health in order to live an active life.

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