Why TABATA is So Awesomely Effective


Tabata is a wonderful workout created by a Japanese scientist  that incorporates high intensity interval training  to instantly increase cardiovascular strength, endurance, muscle mass, burn fat, and speed up your metabolism. High intensity interval training workouts are a very popular and effective type of exercise that consists of short bursts of really intense exercises. The results are phenomenal.

What’s really  unique about Tabata is that it only takes 4 MINUTES! Yep..true story. 4 minutes of your day. That’s only .028% of your entire day. ANYBODY has 4 spare minutes. It consists of 20 seconds of an exercise, 10 seconds rest, then repeat this for 4 minutes. You can do one exercise the full 4 minutes, or you can vary it up! You can do this at the gym, in your office, in your living room, hotel room, on the airplane, out on a run, wherever!

Some ideas include:

  • Alternating planks and crunches for the full 4 minutes. You can plank the first 2 minutes then switch to crunches the other 2, or you can alternate every 30 seconds.

One of my favorite mixes includes

  • Minute 1: Tricep dips
  • Minutes 2: squat pulses
  • Minute 3: Jumping jacks
  • Minute 4: Bicycle crunches

Out on a run? Challenge yourself with Tabata with 20 seconds springs, 10 seconds walk/jog, and do this for 4 minutes.

At work? Stand for 4 minutes at your desk, do alternating leg lifts, calf raises, tricep dips on your desk, and squats. Sure, your coworkers might thing you’re crazy, but maybe they’re the crazy ones for missing out on getting a bodacious derriere while rockin’ Michelle Obama arms. 😉

Also, YouTube has dozens of these workouts. This girl has some killer workouts you will love. 

THE BEST THING ABOUT TABATA in my opinion is that you will not get bored and impatient. 3 sets of squats to me sounds too long and drawn out, and when I count town from 30 all I can think about is how much I’m DYING to get to zero. This makes me focus less on my form and body which is no Bueno for a workout to be effective! Psychologically, doing reps for 20 seconds sounds so much easier, you don’t have to count reps, and you really focus on how your body feels. If there are certain workouts you loathe doing despite how awesome they are for you, I highly recommend you do these Tabata style. You wont regret it. 4 minutes, every day. It’s only .028% of your entire day. Do it!

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