Why You Should Eat More Spicy Foods

chilli-1Courtesy of Photobucket: Assorted chili peppers

After a long hard workout, relief from muscle pain is just a few rubs away. I usually smear on a creamy substance that heats up over time. But did you know that the ingredient in some muscle pain relief ointments (sticks, pads, creams, gels, or lotions) contains Capsaicin. According to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, Capsaicin is the active ingredient of a number of dried fruits, for example; certain types of hot peppers.  Additionally, did you know that if you ingest Capsaicin in its natural form, it will help with the relief of muscle pain as well as other common ailments?

Where do you find Capsaicin in its natural form?  It’s in peppers such as, habanero, jalapeño, chili, red and green peppers. Cuisines from other countries, for example; Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Central and South America typically include various hot peppers to season food. You can even try adding some cayenne spice to your meals as well. Hot peppers are also known to reduce the risk of tumors, acts as an antioxidant, and an anti-inflammatory aid. According to the Journal of Cancer Research, “capsaicin can act as a cancer preventive agent.”

When it comes to dealing with the physical discomforts of life, more and more people are using natural ingredients instead of artificial. Did you know that hot peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin C?  As you may already be aware, Vitamin C helps helps strengthen your immune system and helps protect you from many different diseases.  Additionally, because of the way it works with blood vessels, vitamin C helps against congestion.

Hot spices not only enhance the flavor of food we consume, it helps if you want to lose some weight.  For example, hot peppers give the body a natural boost of  heat. So when your body heat rises, so does your metabolism. Thereby creating optimum conditions for your body to process the food it takes in, and boosting your body’s ability to burn stored fat better.

So, instead of using just black pepper, (which is also good for you) mix it up with some spice. Especially on those rich, delicious foods, this will help keep the fat content down.  Furthermore, you will be healing your body from muscle pain, and other ailments as stated earlier.  As the saying goes, just like everything else in life, moderation is important.


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